Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Acapulco, baby! (part 2)

Well, I just realized again how long it's been. Here's the rest of my blogging on the beach:

Whoa. Okay. So there's this pelican that was floating in the ocean, and it got a little too close to the beach and got caught up in a wave. He tumbled a little and then the wave washed him into the chairs of these two older ladies. He was kind of caught up in their chairs, and the lady stood up to move the chairs, but she didn't realize that he was there, and so she kmind of shuffled them around and then she saw him and screamed! It was funny, but kinda sad, because the poor bird was pretty disoriented. And now he's just sitting there on the beach. At first everybody was gathered around, trying to figure out what to do.
Now they've left him alone, and we think he's trying to dry out his wings, but this one guy keeps saying that he needs to stay wet so he won't die in the sun, and so he keeps pouring water on him. Now people are around him again. I can't really hear what they're saying, but I think they're trying to figure out what to do with him. It's still a debate between keeping him wet and drying him off. And that man is still keeping him wet. I still think he just wants to dry off. He's been there for like an hour now.
We'll see what happens. That man can't stay and water him all day. Now I'm going to go write. Or maybe read.

PS: There's still sand in my pants.

Later that day...

I no longer have sand in my pants. I now have small rocks in my pants.
(Very small rocks!)
All the men here are wearing Speedos. Well, okay, not actual Speedos, but their swimming suits look more appropriate for women than men. And if they are wearing shorts-style suits, then they are short and tight shorts. It is slightly awkward.
Speaking of awkward, earlier we were trying to make eye contact with our waiter to order some nachos and a lemonade, and a different waiter came over. I thought he would ask us if we needed anything, but instead he asked if we needed a massage. I said, "No, but how much are the nachos?"
He told us.
"Okay, we'll have a small one."
He called over our waiter.
"Nachos, please. Small. Oh, and a lemonade? Thanks."
He went to get them for us.
The other guy stayed and said, "Here, let me show you an example of a massage. It's free, don't worry."
It was awkward.
The nachos, though, were DELICIOUS.


Well, I learned something yesterday. If you're going to stay at the beach all day, you should probably put sunscreen on more than once. And when you do reapply, get more than just your face.
(My back/shoulders are burnt and they are not happy with me.)
Apparently the pelican eventually flew away yesterday, so that was good.
(Note from current Allison: Actually, it was there again the next day. They said it couldn't fly, which was sad. It was just hanging out in the shade with the waiters.)
We also had a turtle wash up onto the beach (a gigantic one), but he was dead, which was sad :( I don't know what they did with him. And now there are a bunch of seagulls, and they are really loud and kind of obnoxious.
They're gone now.
(Note: Wow. That sounds really evil. I didn't do anything to them, they just flew away. I swear...)
So, Callie and I were talking and she said that when we get back to Cuernavaca we're going to automatically shake our heads at anyone who comes up to us, because there is literally a vendor every five minutes who tries to sell us something.
There are a lot more young people today. And a lot of families. We made friends with a brother and sister who were in sixth and third grade, and we hung (hanged?) out with them in the water for like an hour this morning. It was tons of fun :)
The ocean is especially beautiful in the mornings. It is very clear and the water is so nice. Well, the water is nice all day long. It's a lot warmer than CA, but it's not exactly warm... it's refreshingly perfect. Except now it's kind of dirty... I mean, it's just dirt and algea and whatever, but it's less appealing than in the mornings. Still, though, I love it. I just love the beach. My skin? Doesn't really love the beach. But I do!
Which reminds me! I decided I am going to have my honeymoon in Oaxaca. I know it's not entirely up to me, but I hope he'll understand. And I knw I need to be engaged before really planning a honeymoon, but whatever :)
My hair is so frizzy. It's wild. I'm still kind of tempted to get it all braided. We'll see how much it costs. Maybe if it's cheap... okay, if it's cheap I will definitely do it, but I'm gonna wait until tomorrow.
(I never even asked how much it cost.)
Ahh, we just moved the umbnrella, and we have a lot more shade now.
This guy keeps coming around in captain's garb trying to sell us tickets on a "cruise." I'm pretty sure it's just a night thing, with drinks and dancing, but whatever.
Oh my gosh, people are bungee jumping! Are they CRAZY??
I love the beach.
Have I mentioned that yet? It's true. I love, love, LOVE it :)
There's this older lady from NY (I think) and she is hilarious. She was here yesterday, too. (The lady with the chairs and the pelican. And I think she's from Boston, not NY.) She is ridiculously tan. And she spends the whole day in the sun. Like, literally. Either she's sitting in her chair in the sun or she's floating on her raft in the sun. And she's very no-nonsense, but she's incredibly friendly. She's made friends with everyone here. She's jsut not shy at all. This can be proven by the fact that she wears a bikini. And instead of tying the streakps around her neck, she ties them around her back or in front. To avoid tan lines, perhaps?
Sorry, just needed to get that out there :)
Well, I meant to spend my day on the beach reading, but I haven't read anything. I've just been... sitting. And playing in the ocean. But, mostly sitting. It's nice, though. I love the beach :)
My tank top is bright yellow today, so I feel even more like a beacon.
I just remembered a funny story! Theose kids we were hanging out with this morning were collecting shells, and they said they were going to sell them. I asked if they were going to sell them when they got home, and they said, "Yeah, on eBay!" This made me laugh, but THEN they said, "We're going to take pictures up really close, and then people with think they're big, but when they get them in the mail they will be a lot smaller!" Hahaha! I thought they were just hilarious. I mean, I hope their parents don't let them do that, and explain how that's wrong, but the fact that they had the idea is just so funny.
On a completely different note, I can't sit in a sandy area and NOT dig holes with my feet.
HOLY CRAP! Our umbrella just flew away! It was hilarious! One second I was writing happily in the shade, the next second I was in the sun and it was flying over our heads into the table next to us. It was pretty funny, actually :)

Back to the present...
That was all I wrote. We didn't stay on the beach much longer than that. We went to get our bus tickets home, we ate some Baskin Robbins ice cream from the shop next to our hostel, and we just kind of chilled. We were exhausted. We probably went to bed at like 9:30.

Tomorrow I will tell you guys all about our trip to Las Estacas last weekend. It's a BEAUTIFUL river not far from Cuernavaca. And I mean it when I say I'll be writing tomorrow because I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS!
Starting tomorrow, I (along with many people who are a lot more famous than me) will be starting BEDA (Blog Every Day April) in celebration of the paperback release of Maureen Johnson's novel Suite Scarlett. Now, I haven't actually read any of her books because I discovered her only a couple months ago, and if you'll remember, I am in Mexico. It is NOT easy to get American books in Mexico unless they are SUPER popular. And ordering them through Amazon is out, because the shipping costs at least the same as the book itself, if not more. But I read her blog and I follow her on Twitter, and she is hilarious. And I figure I don't blog enough, so why not blog every day for one month? The posts will certainly not be as long as they have been. I promise. But it will be fun. Who knows what I will talk about? Mexico. Harry Potter. Awesome random stuff. The usual.
So, tune in tomorrow! I might have some more picsup by then, too!

Best wishes!
<3 Allison

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