Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, everybody, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet or traveled to another dimension or anything. (Besides, I'm pretty sure I could still post blogs from another dimension. I'm convinced the internet is multi-dimensional, if you will.) I have just been kind of lazy. And I didn't have anything incredibly interesting to share. And I was reading fanfiction and watching video blogs instead. But more about that later.

You know that thing called spontaneous human combustion? I blame Mexico. Well, Mexican food, to be exact. Spicy Mexican food. A few days ago I had my first (and last, if I have anything to say about it) encounter with VERY SPICY FOOD. My mamá made chile relleno for dinner-lunch-thing ("comida"). It's basically chiles stuffed with cheese with some excellent sauce on top. Now, she also made some with zuccini (or I think it was zuccini), which was absolutely delicious, because (as you know) zuccini is not spicy. At all. But she did make one chile relleno, and she told me I should try it. So I took a TEEEEENY little bite from the end of it and it wasn't too bad, so I decided to take an actual bite. BAD. IDEA. I got the seeds. I knew that the seeds were the spicy part, but I ignored that knowledge and ate them anyway. I kind of wanted to know what it would taste like. Well, now I know. "Fire" doesn't even begin to describe it. I couldn't eat anything for five minutes. I just sat there drinking glass after glass of Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus water... like herbal tea, kind of... delicious stuff) until I thought I could stand putting something warm in my mouth. It was still somewhat painful, but I sucked it up because I didn't want to drink the whole pitcher of agua. (The next Monday, my mamá was telling my roommate about my chile relleno experience, and she said I almost cried! Which, thinking back, is quite accurate.)

The rest of my week hasn't been very Mexican-y. Almost all the students from NAU went on an excursion to a beach in Marquelia for the weekend, but my friend Callie and I stayed behind. A) because it was expensive and B) because they were going to sleep on the beach, and that just sounds gross to me... I didn't like the sound of "sand fleas" and I didn't like the idea of sleeping on hammocks out in the open. So, we stayed behind and had an awesome weekend of our own. Her *fiancé sent her the first two seasons of I Love Lucy on DVD for Valentine's Day, so we watched that almost every night. It was super fun :) And then we were going to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but we got there like fifteen minutes late and the lines were ridiculously long, so we walked around the mall (the movie theatre was inside the mall) instead. My hermana, Karla, wanted to get some clothes. I spent most of the time telling Callie all about my boyfriend from high school. Why? No particular reason. We're girls, we like to talk about those kinds of things :) Oh, and I got an Icee at the mall. It was blue raspberry. I liked it, and it made me happy, but I couldn't help feeling disappointed that it wasn't a blue/red mix. Oh, and then we got back from the mall, and it turns out my mamá had bought a bootleg copy of Benjamin Button on DVD! I didn't watch it, but Karla did, because she had really been dying to see it.

Okay. On to more important things. Brotherhood 2.0. Also known as Nerdfighters. Also known as Made of Awesome. There's this thing on YouTube. It's these two brothers in their late 20s. They decided that for a whole year they would only use textless communcation. This means no emails, instant messages, or anything of the sort. They could only communicate through daily video blogs. (And on the telephone... and in person.) So every day of the week, one of the brothers uploads a video on YouTube (usually about 3 or 4 minutes long). The videos are random and hilarious, and they gained quite a following. This all took place in 2007, so they're done with the year of textless communication, but they still do videos every once in a while, and they have a whole website where their followers (known as Nerdfighters) hang out and create their own video projects and such. Well, I had heard about them before, and the other day my friend posted one of their videos on her Facebook, so I decided to watch it. It. Was. AWESOME. So, I decided to watch all the videos. I'm about half way through July. Seriously? They rule. So, if anybody is bored and needs some amusement that comes in 4 minute segments, check out John and Hank Green- (all the videos are on here except Jan. 2, which is under John's username at

Aaaand, that's all for today, I think. Mexico is wonderful, and I wish I had more Mexican-y things to tell you about, but I'm afraid it will have to wait until next time. When I actually have something interesting to share.

Oh! Mexico vs. USA tonight! We're winning... not that I really care about soccer at all, my friend just told me we're winning because she said her mamá is very upset. Apparently it's a REALLY BIG DEAL if Mexico loses to USA.

And now that's all for today. Go watch Brotherhood 2.0! It's amazing!


*In case you were wondering, the difference between fiancé and fiancée is gender. Fiancé for the male and fiancée for the female. I like to think it's because "fiancée" looks prettier :)

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